Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smack My Bitch Up!

Last friday the Prodigy concert just simply rocked! WOOHOOOO !!!

But - we were late because for some extremely odd reason there was no support band, just a DJ before the concert, and they started the show almost on time! The Prodigy was more on time than the Germans! Fancy that! :)

Also, the goddamn Jahrhunderthalle is at the end of the world! Ok, so in fact it's just a little more than 10k from our house, but it took over an hour to get there with public transport... another reason I refuse to like Frankfurt with all my heart: even though the city is actually quite small, it takes a good half hour to get anywhere at all, thanks to the public transport, which does run frequently but slowly.
The city actually put up little countdown-signs that tell you in exactly how many minutes your bus/train is supposed to come, but they turned into a big joke. Before they were installed, it would sometimes feel like those two minutes on the schedule were really ten - now you don't get that feeling anymore, you KNOW it ;)

But enough of that! I want to see a full Prodigy concert now, and am keen on going to a festival or two this summer. Fusion Festival is sold out, but that won't stop me from trying :) I'll keep you updated, but now I gotta go and celebrate a birthday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gems of Frankfurt

Yes! That's right, I am posting again.
I found it surprisingly hard to write about Frankfurt, hence the break. It's an awfully expensive city, where everybody on the street seems just that tiny bit more prim and proper and polished, and everything is just that tiny bit more pricey ... so I found myself struggling to keep an eye on the budget as I tried to balance a physically demanding job with a social life on my rare free days.

So now, after half a year of bartending and schlepping trays of beer, I am back to a normal sleeping pattern and an office job, which gives me the time and means to finally explore my new home a little bit.

Over the last weekend, the annual Rowing Festival took place on the river Main and I went to have a sneak peek.
I'm not much of a boat person, or, for that matter, a water person, but as you can see behind the studs on the picture above, there was plenty of entertainment on the land as well. The lion and myself took a stroll down the river and this is a list of what we found:
  • A little square where kids taught each other how to inline-skate to tacky 90s techno
  • One hippie girl with pois who got entirely lost in said tacky 90s techno
  • Loads of stands with meat products in 4765834 varieties...
  • Apple wine comes in rosé too! And it's delicious. Check out the Maincafé for a pint of the pink loveliness
  • Frankfurtians actually are too awkward and embarrased to say anything to people who consume drugs in public places. Now _you_ tell me if that's a good or a bad thing...
After our little walk we stumbled into the 36Grad on Schweizer Platz.

You can't tell from the website, but this bar/café/restaurant really is very cute and whimsical, comfortable with big sofas everwhere and very friendly staff. The perfect place for coffee-and-cake-time with the girls or a romantic candle-light dinner. The food we had was very tasty, even if it was not the re-invention of the wheel, as we say in German. But heck, I only paid 8,20€ for a yummy and generously sized dish of pasta (creamy gorgonzola-sauce, sundried tomatoes and a cheese that they claimed was parmesan but that was, in fact, something entirely different).
The bottles of wine start at 12,50€, that is by far the best deal I've seen in a restaurant here!

And then ... came the deserts!
*pause here to contemplate the tastiest desert you've had lately*

*now imagine it better*

And that's what we got! The lion had an interesting tiramisu-style concoction with chocolate cantuccini instead of the lady's fingers that you usually use. Also, the chefs at 36Grad do not shy away from using heavy ingredients and I think that's exactly the right way to go - who wants a skimmed tiramisu anyways? Let's just say, this was perfect as it came...
My own desert was a delectable Crema Catalata (caramelized spanish vanilla pudding!) with fresh mangos. I wanted to slowly relish in the creamy goodness, but it was gone way too soon :D

By the way: If you should ever find yourself in this area of town (Schweitzer Platz) and can't afford posh dinner and homemade cake, check out the little Thai corner shop on Schneckenhofstraße. They do traditional wok dishes without MSGs and their veggie dumplings are a revelation at only 2,40€.