Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekly Shoe - Slightly Belated

First off, here's what The Shoeper Woman rightfully entitled shoe porn :

Giving you something to drool over as you wonder how to charm your bank manager into giving you another moderate loan of 500€ or so for the incredible Louboutin Feticha. Yes, that's right. Feticha. They're available in red and snake skin (yuk!) too, but the black ones ... *sigh*...

So this week I want to share some shoe-related linky goodness - here are the blogs I follow, more or less:

  • Sea of Shoes (as if anybody didn't know her by now...)
  • Shoe Asylum (Yes, we all are shoe addicts!)
  • A Girl's Guide to Shoes
  • Shoeminx (She's mean and she's harsh at times ... but I love people who dare to be honest and still make you laugh out loud)
  • The Shoebunny (with a huge list of links to designers and online shoe shops!)
And I adore the Shoeper Woman and all the other Midas Media blogs. But that's really not so surprising, I guess :)

1 comment:

  1. Oooooh. Those are delicious.

    I doubt I could walk in them, though, haha. But just looking at them is almost enough.