Friday, July 2, 2010

Doe Deere on Stage!

I feel like I'm much too late with this post, because every self-respecting make-up-related blogger already slagged off Doe Deere's Lime Crime products or commented on her business ethics (which appear to be shady at the very least) ... but here's my two cents on it.

For the production of Brave New World I used two of her Magic Dust eyeshadows and two of the lipsticks from the Candyfuture line (Centrifuchsia and Retrofuturist). I also recommended them to the actors of the theatre and friends who all loved the vibrant colors and great pigmentation of the products. I was even going to organise a big order from the online shop for everybody ...

then I did my homework. And I feel like such an idiot now.

Apparently the whole brand is a big scam, repackaging wholesale products and marking up the price by around 400%. They add a gorgeously tacky packaging, which seems to be the only original part of the product. For more informed and less angry reviews, please have a look at these here:

From Lipstick&Lightsabres :
Beneath the glitter , Mineral Mayhem , The Real Slim Shady , plus many more on Anastasia's fantastic blog

From Funny Face:
Lime Crime Make-Up Dilemma (feels like Lillian took the thoughts straight from my mind and blogged them!) and Doh A Deere

From Jessica Allison:
The Match of the Century

From Afrobella:
The Straight Dope, From Doe Deere

... the latter being the most positive unbiased account I could find, usually the reviews were much more negative...

In case you were interested: I find the Lime Crime products to be very expensive, but decent quality. As I said I used them for a stage production and they never failed me. Yes, the "Magic Dust" eyeshadows do go flakey and cakey when used with other products, but with some minor artistic skills I believe you can make them look good. The colour payoff is remarkable, also for the lippies. No slagging off here :)

But of course, you can find all their products cheaper, and at a competitive quality.
Check out these links:

That's right. The colours DO look familiar. They're essentially the same colours you see on LimeCrime, just ... there's about 200 other shades too, same quality!!! YAY! And they're 4$/ounce. Think about it, girls.
In case you didn't know Barry M. Damn, they rule supreme. Love their variety of products. What else can you say.
Be prepared for some awful web design. Do have a look at their variety of lipsticks. They put LimeCrime to shame.

Cute, somewhat alternative online shop for dangerous colours. Don't know much about the quality, can you help me out there?

They're closing their business, which makes me a little sad. They sell good quality make-up in a wide variety of shades (and not just the eyes/lips variety. they have blush! YES!).
Here's the voucher code for the going-out-of-business-sale : adieu35

unbelievable make-shift-looking make-up online store. Just look at it and try NOT to want anything. It's darn close to impossible :)

Sooo, dear theatre cast: let's order somewhere else if we're still gonna do this. Mail me. Or just come to Anne's yoga class on saturday and get in touch :)
See everybody there! :)

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