Monday, July 19, 2010

Poi Spinning and Hanging Out - What happened after facebook

After my not-so-euphoric review of Love Family Park, I concluded that a lot more fun could have been had with a couple of beers and music in the park.

This Sunday I put my theory to the test, and - hooray! - it worked! Hooray again!
To make it work, all I had to do was invite all my facebook friends on Friday.

My other preparations were just as simple:
  • I made five extra pairs of pois (fill balloons with 50g of rice, put them in kneelenght socks, tie a knot and you're laughing) ~ 5€ for socks, 50c for rice, 1,79€ for balloons

  • I bought a big pot of street crayons for 2€

  • my boyfriend organised beers, wine and ice cubes for the cooler box (~15€)

  • I bought a mobile docking station for my iPod, which I'm going to return today "because the battery didn't last as long as it said on the packaging". That may be a lie, but I simply cannot afford this amazing little piece of technology.

And that was really it. And it was a great day!

We started out by writing and drawing on the street closest to us what we were doing : Poi Spinning Lessons! Everybody is welcome to join us! Loads of flowers and smiley faces! :) When we started spinning and twirling, the most unlikely types came over and gave it a try. Families, grannies, guys in suits and guys who looked like they were more scared to mess up their hair than hitting themselves with the poi, two boys who just came back from fishing... you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures: I didn't take any, but if you were there and read this, please send me your photos and videos!

And the last thing worth mentioning: Just after we started setting our little camp up, we were joined by Anastasia, a lovely Moldavian girl, who had just arrived in town on that very morning! She hung out with us til after dark and told her surprised sister on the phone that she already made friends in the new town, and is now having beers in the park with them. Anastasia told me that the whole day felt surreal like a movie to her, because in real life, people aren't that nice to strangers :) Well guess what - they are sometimes.

And karma actually repaid me straight away: Yesterday I was short 19c from my supermarket bill and the girl in the queue behind me just helped me out. How often do strangers do random nice things for you? How often do you return the favor to another stranger?

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