Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

I am probably not the right person to preach about how "planning things" will reduce stress, save money and all the rest of it. It's true though, and before the Fusion Festival (June, 25 to 29) I put my planning skills to the test. With only a week to go and still no tickets, no tent and no clue as to where exactly the festival is, I thought I was facing quite a challenge.

First, I got myself and my boyfriend tickets for a bus that would take us to the festival. A lot of luck was involved, because the original tickets had been sold out or reserved but I managed to get my paws on two that hadn't been paid for yet. However, I paid a little more than necessary because I got my tickets so late, which annoyed me a lot. Planning could have easily saved me 20€ and a lot of phone calls there. Next year, I'll learn from my mistake and book the damn ticket early. The same happened with the actual festival ticket. Booking it early could have saved me and the lion 20 bucks each. That might not seem like a lot of money - but it's 8 beers at the festival and we were pretty broke to begin with :)

But as we got on the bus friday morning, we regretted nothing. The people were very sweet and excitement about the upcoming weekend was in the air. The lion and I had a few lukewarm beers, chatting away happily with the others or (in my case) dozing off as I watched the tiny villages go by. When we arrived there was a massive queue of cars waiting, but the bus simply went past them and we could enter the festival without a second of waiting or standing in line. I absolutely recommend taking a bus to festivals, because it's comfy and air-conditioned, you get to meet other festival-goers, police is less likely to stop you (it's a hassle, even if you have nothing illegal on you!) and you get to enter the festival without waiting around as you still carry your heavy festival gear.

Speaking of festival gear: I was so lucky that my parents still had a tent and sleeping bags. Before buying new stuff, ask your friends and family if they can help you out. They might even be glad to get rid of that old stuff that's been taking up space in the cellar/attic :)
Here's our glorious tent that we actually set up in no time at all (I was very proud of us, yay :) )It was packed when we arrived, as you can see ... we hardly found a place to camp!
More stories of the fantastic Fusion Festival coming up later, now it's time to go back to the real world :)

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