Friday, July 3, 2009

It's been a while...

... but now I finally have enough time to tell you all the new little stories. Let's start where we left off, the theatre.
I absolutely loved the performance, and I was very impressed by the actors. "Waiting for Godot" is so very abstract that it seems almost impossible to empathize with the characters, while at the same time they are, of course, very human and you might even recognzie yourself to a certain point. The four (and a half) actors however made the performance look almost easy, and you may call me biased just because my boyfriend was up there on stage too :) but I hardly remembered I was in an amateur theatre at all.
The lovely interior probably helped, it didn't have the vaguely dull off-theatre-feeling to it that I've seen in Berlin.I'll admit it was small, but that made the after-show-party all the more comfy and fun. As I was being introduced to everybody it dawned on me that people were actually looking forward to meeting me beause they'd all heard of me from my boyfriend. I felt like such a VIP, even though this whole party was not about me, obvously, but the cast and director of "Godot" :)
We left rather early, around 1:30 a.m., after the champagne, wodka sour and the delicious buffet had been depleted. I only broke two or three glasses during the entire night and got a handful of very sweet compliments for my emerald green pumps. I think I can call that a success :)

So, what now?
Do you remember the last time that a friend (or family member etc) performed anything on a stage? I'm sure everybody knows somebody who is in a band, a amateur theatre group, does fire shows, catwalks or something else on a stage. So why don't you just go and cheer them on? I'm absolutely sure your friend is going to appreciate the support - and you probably get in for free, reserved seats waiting for you. How VIP is that ? :)

Have a great week-end, everybody !

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