Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sports and Recreation at Fusion Festival

I love trying out new things. Really. And at Fusion Festival I had the great opportunity to try lots of fun new sports and artistry, like climbing up those long red cloth things (I'd appreciate if anybody could tell me what they are really called :) ). It was supposed to look something like this:

I tried. I really did. But it's a LOT harder than the instructor made it look. I managed to get one knot right, and that was about it. It was fun though and I'd give it another shot anytime!
Apart from that, my boyfriend showed me how to juggle, I molested just about everybody with pois because I forgot to bring my own, I tried out slack-rope walking which is SO hard to do when you get started, that I got a little frustrated and so much more. And then I found my new obsession, fairywings. They work just like pois, but look even better. I spent about an hour at the stand, trying out the small and the HUGE ones. The big fairywings were a little more complicated to handle because they get tangled easily but I had the time of my life. Oh, and I realize that I look rather grumpy and clumsy on the picture and that's exactly why I'm not so happy with most candid shots of me :)

These are the small fairywings, by the way. I want the big ones, that you can see in the background here. So as soon as I got back from the festival, I did some research and figured that 40+ euros are not in the Budget for silly toys. Of course I'm not going to give up that easily - I'll make my own fairywings, with fabric that I bought for some other project that I never finished (shame on me...). They will be very hippie, very girly and hopefully a lot of fun. Can't wait to get started, really :)

Of course I didn't play and juggle all through the festival (although I wouldn't have minded that so much). The most important thing was the music, obviously, and the party and the great crowd. I'll tell you all about that later today, including the reason why I don't get to add any candy to the Cash Jar this month.

Have a great day :)


  1. I am so glad to hear that you had the time of your life with the Fairywings.
    I love them too, thats why i started making them!
    In the beginning they where heavy and floppy and i took me quite a while to develop them up to where they are now.
    so good luck to you making your own.
    If you get stuck or want to save your time dont hesitate to come back on
    there are some for 29euros aswell.

    Anyway, thank you and keep spinning!
    Bliss up the planet!


  2. oh by the way the red clothes are called silks, tissue or "Vertikaltuch" in German.