Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Matters Most ...

... at a festival: the concerts and the party of course! :)

That's the Hangar Stage. The name sort of makes sense, as it used to be an actual hangar on a soviet aerodrome and there were hangars all over the place, all decorated and rebuilt as stages or dancefloors. Some of my favourite decorations :
Part of "Neuland", a random clearing in the trees that surrounded the camping area, which had been decorated to the max to look like a weird scene from "Pirates of the Caribbean Abducted Alice from Wonderland". I swear I saw the Mad Hatter too. They also had a glitter stand there, where you could get your face all glittered up and decide afterwards how much you like it and how much you want to pay.Some random decoration and the Willow Dome, an area for jazz concerts, hanging out in the relative peace and quiet and the massage tents. Yes, you heard me. Massage stands! Halleluja! Of course I was lucky enough to have my own masseur (the lion) but I loved the stands anyway.
Moonwalk to Mekka! Obviously myself and the lion had to go and watch this!!! So many people showed up, about 200 (!) did the actual Moonwalk around the Tower Stage, and hundreds more watched it and cheered! The vibes were incredible, but I have no pictures to show for it. Damn.
The organizers of the festival encouraged spontaneous outbursts of creativity, so we ran into these two amazing musicians who took "drum&base" very literally. We also saw a group of 12 incredibly talented drummers (more than half of which were girls, by the way) and they really got a big crowd dancing and partying on the spur of the moment. I was impressed! :)

So in the end, we walked from stage to stage, staying whereever we liked, enjoying the all-vegetarian catering and the diverse styles of music, talked to friendly strangers and danced our tushies off :)

Sunday morning came way too soon. I look half dead here, but that's a good thing because it means I had a blast before :)
Now I can't wait to go to Fusion next year and I'll make sure to pack a bunch of friends! Camping is even more fun if you have your buddies there with you!

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