Friday, June 19, 2009

The best way to earn money

Yesterday I got an email from a photographer - boy, was I excited when I realized, he's actually offering to PAY me for my modelling. It's not a first, but still happens very rarely. And it's getting even better - the picture of me and two other models might even end up on the cover of a book! Plus, I get some extra cash in that case - how awesome is that?!

While I was preparing for the shoot I had a hard time picking my outfit, because I needed to look younger. I'm young enough, but I needed to look like a teenager. So I took off the killer heels and the curve-a-licious dress and went for something a little more "teenage-y".
After a few changes I decided to wear stripey shorts, a colorful t-shirt and my beloved Vans.

I even braided my hair, which made me realize how seriously I need to bleach my roots, and used only a hint of make-up. Nah, that's a lie. Of course I used half a ton of make-up for a flawless complexion, but I tried to make it look as "natural" as possible. Light pink gloss on the lips, no eyeliner, the works.

The other girls and I had a fun time, meandering through the city, looking like best friends on a shopping spree while our photographer, always on the hunt for good candid shots, was all over us like a paparazzi.

And here's today's tip for glamming up the routine:

Arrange for a photo shoot with a friend who can handle a camera/photoshop reasonably well. Wear something that's been sitting in your wardrobe unworn for ages, waiting for the perfect occasion. Put on too much make-up (that is acually going to be neccessary, because make-up tends to magically disappear on pictures!).Maybe you have a friend who loves to do make-up and you can get her/his help?
Now take a good look at how "real" models pose and look, practice in front of a mirror in the whole outfit. Wear some insanely high heels. Feeling confident and gorgeous yet? Good, then take it to the streets and have your photo shoot in the nearest park or where-ever you find the right background for the amazing YOU. And don't let people who stare intimidate you - they're probably just jealous :)

If you enjoyed your little photo shoot, why don't you use the pictures you just took to upload them on modelmayhem or (for Germany/Switzerland/Austria) Model-Kartei? That way, you have a realistic chance to actually work with semi-professional and professional make-up artists, photographers and studios either for very little money, on a tfp-arrangement (time for pictures) or you might even get paid for your work.

Is there a better and more glamourous way to earn money than by simply looking fabulous and allowing somebody to take your picture? I don't think so :)

And just by the way: That's me on Model-Kartei.Enjoy!

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