Monday, June 22, 2009

Fête de la Musique, pt. ll

Yes. I know. It's barely later than my last post. But I promise, I HAVE been out on the town. But first, the timing was bad and it started to rain literally the second me and my friend, the fabulous Fabulosita, left the house. Then, our timing was bad again and we found nothing but closed doors and more rain at the Sandsation. We decided to head over to a place that was 100% sure to be open AND had a roof. The Bassy Cowboy Club seemed a great idea at the time.

We were right. Two awesome bands and a couple of beers later, however, we decided to be REASONABLE. Did I ever mention that I dislike that word? Well, I do not like it. At all.
We went home anyways, too sober to ignore the fact that we have to get up early tomorrow. This picture here suggests something else.And here's for all of you who didn't believe that 10€ are enough for a fun night out - I only spent 5! Ha! Mind you, it wasn't the wildest night ever. But still, I think I made my point.
I'll try having a crazy party on a budget again, so make sure to come back :) I promise, it's going to be a lot wilder next time!

Good night everybody! Keep spreading the Glam! :)

1 comment:

  1. I really hate acting rationally. We should get rid of this word...
    Why the hell didn't we...?!???

    Well... by any means: Glamour, baby!!